International Transport Services Birmingham – how much they costs?

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A truck carrying a helicopter or a wind turbine is an unusual sight on the road. Sometimes, however, such huge elements need to be transported from point A to point B. This is when we deal with oversized transport. What exactly is it and what formalities must a company providing this type of services fulfill? We answer in this article.

What is oversize transport, International Transport Services in Birmingham?
Oversized transport like International Transport Services Birmingham  is also often called oversized or non-standard transport. We refer to the transport of loads whose weight and dimensions exceed certain standards. Therefore, an oversized load will be one whose width exceeds 2.5 meters and its length exceeds 16.5 meters. We will also consider a load as oversized if its weight exceeds 42 tons. An additional criterion is the vehicle axle load on the road. If it exceeds the standards specified for a given road, we are also dealing with oversized transport.

What can be an oversized load form International Transport Services Birmingham?
One of the most common oversized loads on the road are various types of machines. These may be agricultural machines such as tractors or combines, as well as industrial machines. Elements of industrial structures, for example halls and warehouses, are often transported in this way. We can also transport various types of cranes, cranes, excavators and even helicopters. Trucks also transport boats, yachts and even holiday homes. Most of this type of cargo is subject to oversized transport and requires the transport company to have appropriate permits to International Transport Services Birmingham.

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